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We have been manufacturing quality Steel Pallets, Bins and Stillages since 1980 and have hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the World which is a testament to our dedication to quality and commitment in our manufacturing practices.                                                                                                                                          ….Read More

        steel pallets

Steel Pallets are a blessing in disguise for our Planet as every 25 Steel Pallets save one Tree and that’s not all, these 25 Steel Pallets will Continue to do so every year for perhaps the next 10-15 years, their expected life span as compared to less than one year for a wooden pallet. Steel Pallets have enormous advantages over the Wooden Pallets. Some of the advantages of Steel Pallets are: 

  •  Steel Pallets last much longer than wooden pallets.
  • Steel Pallets prove to be the most Economical.
  • Steel Pallets are 100% Recyclable.
  •  No landfill issues, No Mess around the workplace. 
  • No Fungus, Molds or Bacteria. 
  • Steel Pallets prevent Insects on the factory floors.
  •  Steel Pallets have High load bearing capacity.
  • Stackable, therefore Space Optimization and Savings

We, at  Technosmiths, manufacture some of the Toughest Steel Pallets and Storage Bins under our Brand Name RHINO. Pallets and Bins are Manufactured, Painted or Hot Dip Galvanized to the most stringent industrial standards and not only does the Quality and Durability compete well with similar imports but so does Pricing as We have a clear advantage due to Local Manufacturing. The most important benefit of considering Rhino Steel Pallets and Bins as your Choice when ordering the next requirement is that you won’t have to struggle to fit Standard Dimensions into a non standard space but get Pallets and Bins Dimensioned to fit Odd Nooks and Corners around your workplace.  

pallet feet stacking targets

Pallet Feet We offer and carry stocks of an extensive range of mild steel pallet feet and pallet accessories. Whether you are using round tube or square box section, we have round and square stacking feet for most steel stillages.


 steel bins

the most important item in storage equipment

corrugated metal half drop gate

Metal Box Pallets - Steel Sheet Sides Box pallets manufactured from mild steel, to suit your own needs. Manufactured to order in all sizes, metal stillages with sheet steel sides are designed to retain loose and smaller items. Robust and durable heavy duty stackable metal box pallets and stillages may be fitted with removable or hinging gates. Gitterbox pallets are available. Fully collapsible folding box pallets with either hinging or removable sides in standard and bespoke sizes are also available.

most preferred bin-corrugated metal half drop-top lid

The top opening and one side half or full drop gate is one of the fastest selling RHINO steel bin in our inventory. comes in three different sizes, three load carrying capacities and choice of three colors.

solid sides and floor-removable side-mesh construction optional

Cage Pallets - Mesh Sides Cage pallets and steel stillages with mesh sides designed and manufactured to suit every warehouse and distribution need. This range of stackable steel mesh cage pallets are manufactured with a sheet steel or mesh base. Robust and durable heavy duty stackable metal cage pallets are offered in all sizes and quantities. BP rigid metal cage pallets will have four fixed sides without gate. However, these stillages may also be fitted with removable gates or half drop hinging gates.

top and side opening-2 or 3 size combo Gitterbox

Euro style Gitterbox, strong steel stackable box pallet with half drop gate and top lid. Rigid box pallet with half drop gate on one long side. Unit having corrugated sheet steel base and flat sheet steel sides. Matching 2 or size combos available to order.


Flat Pallet sizes

Flat steel pallet, single sided, non reversible, with solid, close boarded or slatted top deck.

Four way entry metal pallet suitable for lifting by either fork lift or hand pallet truck. May be stored within pallet racking. Also available with raised lip reducing likelihood of product slippage. These sturdy steel storage pallets are manufactured to order in all sizes.

1200mm x 800mm Euro pallet size and 1200mm x 1000mm are pictured, painted or hot dip galvanised.

Most common standard sizes are 1200mm x 1000mm, 1000mm x 1000mm and 1200mm x 800mm but whatever your requirements, please ask for details.

spill containment steel pallets

Most Municipal Authorities now require Oil and Chemical Drums to be placed atop leak and spill proof pallet that has a bottom sump and grated top. spill containment steel pallets come in various sizes and whole storage areas can be Bunded with spill containment construction.

small parts steel pallet-low surround

Steel Pallets can be converted into small parts storage containers by simply adding a Collar to the pallet. This increases your storage capacity at very little cost.


      STACKABLE STEEL                    PALLETS

 RHINO Stackable Steel Pallets come in a variety of configurations and load bearing capacities. The most common, shown here is the most widely used in the Middle East. The basic construction detail is

  •  Four stacking targets or Cups from robust 3 mm plate 
  •  Swaged heavy duty pipes that act as the Feet / Legs of the Pallet.
  •  Cold rolled C channels as Pallet main frame
  •  27 mm outer dia reinforcement tubes
  • 3 mm stiffeners at all corners

The widest application of these Stackable Steel Pallets is in the Cold Storages where a continuous reshaping of space is desirable to accommodate a wide variety of perishables arriving in different packages. The clear advantage of Our Stackable Pallets is that they can be swiftly dismantled, stacked and stored away in a very confined space.

The Tubular uprights, called the Pallet Posts, come in different lengths suited to each individual end users’ preference. For all Cold Storage applications and also where Food has to be stored in dry storages the Stackable Pallets Must be Hot Dip Galvanized per Municipal requirement. Rhino Pallets are Galvanized to BS Standard BS 729. 

Common Size of this Galvanized Stackable Steel Pallet is 1250 mm x 1050 with a clearance of 120 mm from floor to Pallet bottom. End users can configure the dimensions infinitely to optimize the usage of their storage spaces.

Additionally the end user can request Customization to allow loading of anywhere from 500 kg per Pallet per Level to 2000 kg per Pallet per level. In most cases Pallets are stacked Ground plus two but higher stacking is possible with increment in Pallet footprint.

Technosmiths Engineers are always at hand to guide and advise you on how best to configure your next Pallet Purchase. 


collapsible steel stillages

Collapsible Steel Stillages, as the name suggests, are steel stillages that can be easily disassembled and stowed away when not in use. Saves you Space for other bulky storage.


collapsible steel stillages-solid floor plate

Collapsible Steel Stillages can also be a solid floor plate and sides made from Mesh or Expanded Metal depending on your storage needs.

collapsible steel stillages-mesh construction

Collapsible Steel Stillages can be ordered in various construction options. You can ask for lower half in solid plate and the upper as Mesh construction.

collapsible steel stillages-half drop side

Collapsible Steel Stillages also come with half or full drop gates on one or two sides. Drop gates allow for retrieval of materials even when Stillages are stacked on one another.

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Our client base is spread throughout the U.A.E and the MENA region. We serve some of the most prestigious civil works contractors in our region and are proud of their trust in us.