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About Rhino pallets, bins and stillages


Manufacturer of steel pallets bins stillages


Technosmiths specialise in the design, development and Manufacture of Material Storage and Handling Equipment such as steel pallets, bins, Stillages converters,steel stillages, liquid and solids handling tanks and hoppers, wire baskets and wire cages, man baskets for forklifts and cranes. Custom designed Manufacture of Material Storage and Handling Equipment is undertaken for varied applications across industries such as manufacturing, retail, horticultural, Industrial, warehousing and distribution.

We pride ourselves in providing cost effective, high standard and durable Material Storage and Handling Equipment as reflected in our significant numbers of blue chip customers. We produce a broad range of standard products and, if required,we can manufacture custom designed equipment to your requirements. We have further augmented our range with additional products for the crane and forklift operators, pipe accessories for pipeline contractors and water pump skids, manifolds and vortex inhibitors.

In our operations there is no network of distributors, wholesalers or middlemen. This ensures that you can be confident of a top quality, long lasting product at a value for money price.

We work from a substantial, modern site close to major road, rail and air connections. We have a wealth of experience, which when coupled with the skills of our dedicated production team, results in an unsurpassed standard of workmanship. Clean welds, consistent thicknesses of protective coatings, smoothly running wheels, care and consideration for a customer’s needs and much more.

If you are looking for Steel Pallets, Stackable Steel pallets, Bins, Pallet Converters, Steel Galvanized pallets, Bins or steel stillages Contact us at your leisure and our engineers will assist you in selecting the most suitable material handling or storage solution for your needs.

Visit our website: www.rhinopalletsnbins.com