steel pallets

Solidly built steel pallets, quality steel, hydraulic pressing and heavy duty hot dip galvanizing make RHINO STEEL PALLETS the most preferred in the marketplace.

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steel pallets, sizes & specifications

you can play with an infinity of options


dimensions of your steel pallets



(W × L) Inch & MM (W x L)

Region Wise Preferred Dimensions

48” × 40” ~1219 x 1016 mm North America

39.37” × 47.24” ~1000 x 1200 mm Europe, Asia

44.88” × 44.88” ~ 1140 x 1140 mm Australia

42” × 42” ~ 1067 x 1067 mm North America, Europe, Asia

43.30” × 43.30” ~ 1100 x 1100 mm Asia

31.50” × 47.24” ~ 800 x 600 mm Europe (fits many doorways)

All these dimensions can be Customized to your requirements

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How High Can You Stack

Most stackable steel pallets are stacked ground plus 2 or 3 if the dimensions are not less than 1067 x 1067  ( 42” x 42” ).  Higher stackability is only recommended if the payload is not more then 1000 kg per level. Higher payloads demand that the thickness of the posts be increased to sustain the additional force.

Higher payloads and stacking 4, 5 or 6 layers of pallets requires Customizing the pallets and posts, our engineers are always at hand to assist you with designs and proposals.

48″ x 96″ Stackable Steel Pallet. New. 2 x 6 Wood Slats on Base. 5,000 LBS. Capacity. Fork Guides on all 4 sides (Flush to Floor). Corner Sockets Flush to Base. Plugs on Base. Color: Blue. (2) Removable H-Frames. SEE PRINT #RM-2607


load capacities of steel pallets

While stackable steel pallets have load bearing capacities and limits, the flat steel pallets can take loads of tens of tons depending on their design.

The stackable pallets are mostly used by facilities that need to continuously modify their storages spaces as a wide variety of good move around and each needs its own storage solution. 

We have 3 standard Models of Stackable Steel Pallets designated according to Load Capacities.

Model 4-750-L  for 750 -1000 kg / level loading when stacked one plus two.

Model 5-1250-M  for 1250 -1500 kg / level loading when stacked one plus two

Model 6-1500-H  for 1500 -2000 kg / level loading when stacked one plus two




Pallets, aluminum, stainless steel

 pallets are not only manufactured in steel but also in Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Aluminum Pallets are used in situations where weight of Pallets becomes an important concern, on conveyors, transportation, soft surface requirements etc. Aluminum Pallets can be ordered in any configuration to suit specific requirements.

Stainless Steel Pallets become a must when food has to be handled in factories.  Meat, Fish and Poultry industries, Chemical industries and those industries where Rust is unwelcome have no option other than Stainless Steel Pallets. Stainless Steel to grade AISI 304 and 316 are the most common.

finishing available for your pallets

 We provide the following three types of finish to our Stackable Steel Pallets

Hot Dip Galvanizing. The most common and preferred finish by the Cold Stores and Food Storage Establishments. We follow BS 729 Specifications for hot dip galvanizing.

Powder Coating. Customers requiring display storage in public places such as retail stores or shopping malls prefer powder coat finish. A wide range of colors are available to choose from.

Painted Finish is the most economical option preferred by general merchandisers and industrial components handling companies.

where and how are steel pallets used

Horizontal Sheet Rack


103″ L. x 55″ W. x 48″ H. Horizontal Sheet Rack. New. 5 Shelves per Rack. 9.5″ Distance Between Shelves. 2000 lbs. Uniform Capacity per Shelf. Color: Blue. Weight: 520. Part Number: SHEET-R-57

our range of steel pallets

Galvanized, powder coated or painted. Standard sizes and load capacities or customized to our customer's specific needs.