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Why Choose it?

Metal storage cage/containers, totes & bins help you organize your inventory. They are ideal Metal storage cage for storage and can help you transport parts & materials. Warehouse Metal storage cage & wire mesh cage increase storage density and handling efficiency. They are collapsible, stackable warehouse storage containers, totes and bins in a variety of styles.
Whether you’re looking for warehouse Metal storage cage to help organize your shelving system or maximize an otherwise unused corner.The Metal storage cage have dozens of applications, including use in the automotive, agricultural and manufacturing industries.
There are heavy-duty, bulk storage Metal storage cage that are ideal for storing heavy parts and tools. These are extremely durable and long lasting. Stack these Metal storage cage to maximize your space. These are collapsible too, so you won’t have to lose valuable space when not in use.
Additional Information
Max loading capacity:1500kgs

Where to use it?

Popular in the following industries: Food and Beverage, Liquid, granular and other nonhazardous chemicals, Petrochemical, synthetic and natural rubber industries,Used for storing and transporting oil, liquids, solids, semi-solids, grains, specialty juices, powders


Crafted to perfection

Metal Powder Coated Welded Collapsible Stackable Heavy Duty Portable Automotive Industry Shipping Wire Mesh Storage Foldable Steel Cage Bins Stillages

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Fork guides and lifting eyes Fork guides and lifting eyes provide the perfect logistical solution when moving stillages. Fork guides can be produced partially or full and can be added to as many sides as required.


Removable sides We can produce stillages with removable sides to allow you to move goods in and out with ease, whether you want one side removable or 4. Electroplated, galvanised or painted to any standard RAL All of our products are available in any colour you may require, be that a standard RAL, galvanised or electroplated! We offer 3D Solid Works concept drawings with any bespoke or multi order.


Drop sides and half drop front Our designs range from the most simple solutions to the highest of complexity dependant on your specifications. Solid or mesh sided (mesh sizes can be modified to your requirements) Dependant on your specifications, we produce both our mesh sided stillages and solid stillages to your thickness requirements.


Mesh And Solid Stillages Mesh stillages, cage pallets and sheet sided box pallets built to your specification.

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